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Colour:             Faint Cream Tint
Length: Approx 46 cm/18 inches (incl clasp)
Bead Sizes: Approx 2.5mm to 7.5mm/2/16 to 5/16 inch
Quantity: Approx 560 beads per string

Vintage Bride

  • Our most ambitious necklace, comprised of two strings that lead into six strings with a faint creme tint. This is a statement piece, made to compliment beautiful dresses worn by bold brides. The different sized beads add a layer of beautiful chaos and introduce an element of informality to an exquisite piece.

    The necklace remains light despite the quantity of pearls. Nonetheless, it is finished with a two arm clasp for strength.

    Please note, this piece is made to order so do let us know if you have any special requests.
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